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1: Workers in Ontario have three basic rights when it comes to health and safety. Which of the following is not one of your rights?
    The right to know about workplace hazards
    The right to shut down an unsafe workplace
    The right to refuse unsafe work
    The right to participate in health and safety inspections and recommendations

2: The number one cause of injury to young workers is:
    Slips and falls
    Breathing dangerous fumes

3: If you are injured on the job, the first thing you should do is:
    Go home
    Get first aid treatment
    Fill out a WSIB Form 7

4: True or false: Your boss can fire you for refusing to perform unsafe work.

5: Most on-the-job injuries to young people take place in which industry?
    Pulp and paper

6: True or false: People who work in offices don't have to worry about workplace health and safety.

7: You have to play your part too if you want to work safely. Which of the following are among your responsibilities?
    Work smart; work safe - don't fool around on the job
    Report unsafe conditions
    Dress for the job - wear any required protective equipment or clothing
    Get to know the emergency procedures
    Report all injuries
    All of the above

8: True or false: Your boss is required by law to train you if you are exposed or likely to be exposed to a hazardous substance.

9: True or false: Young workers have faster reflexes, so they are less likely to be hurt on the job.

10: If you have a question about health and safety at work, you can talk to:
    Your health and safety representative
    Your supervisor
    A member of the workplace joint health and safety committee
    A union representative
    A health and safety professional
    Any of the above


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