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Just got your first or second job?
That's great!
But if you want to make it to payday, there are...

7 Things You'd Better Know
What you don't know can hurt you...

There are hazards in every workplace and you - the young and inexperienced worker - are especially at risk.

What you do know can save your life...

You need to be able to identify the hazards in your workplace.

The Law Protects...

You have the legal right to protect your health and safety.

The Law Expects...

Your employer, your supervisor(s), and you all have legal responsibilities to make sure the workplace is healthy and safe.

You Can Expect...

Your employer and your supervisor must ensure you have the information or required training and equipment you need to protect yourself.

You Must Report...

If you are injured or become sick at the workplace, you must report it to your supervisor.

Don't gamble with your health and safety...

It's not a game. You need to protect yourself.

Tell Me More...

Information on applicable laws, WHMIS, joint health and safety committees, and more

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