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Information for Parents:

7 Things You'd Better Know to Keep Them Safe

There are hazards in every workplace and inexperienced young workers are especially at risk.

Young workers between 15 and 24 are far more likely to be hurt or made ill at work. In 2003, more than 13,500 young workers were injured on the job; 8 of them were killed.

Young workers need to be able to identify the hazards in their workplace.

Sure, you�ve taught your children how to recognize a hazard at home or on the street. But how do they know that paint is safe? How do they know that machine won�t start while it�s being cleaned?

Have they been trained and shown safe ways to do their work?

Have they been trained how to safely operate any machinery they use?

Do you encourage them to talk to you if they�re having problems at work?

The law protects workers and gives them three important rights.

All workers have the Right to Know about any hazards in the job and how they can protect themselves.

All workers have the Right to Participate in keeping their job and their workplace safe and healthy.

All workers have the Right to Refuse Unsafe Work. No one can force a worker to do a job they believe is unsafe.

Do you regularly ask them about their workplace and their job?

The employer, supervisor(s), and the worker all have legal responsibilities to make sure the workplace is healthy and safe.

The Law says everyone in the workplace has to do his or her part.

Employers must tell workers about any hazards and do everything reasonably possible to protect workers� health and safety.

Supervisors must make sure workers have the knowledge and tools they need to work safely.

Workers must follow the law, company safety rules and always work safely.

The employer and supervisor must ensure that workers have the information or required training and equipment needed to protect themselves.

If a worker starts a new job, the supervisor must make sure the worker knows how to do the job safely and how to use any protective equipment that�s needed.

If the job involves hazardous materials like chemicals the supervisor must make sure training is provided.

If they haven�t had this training, tell them they should insist on it.

If a worker is injured or made ill at work, it must be reported to the supervisor or employer.

Tell your children not to be afraid to report an injury or illness, no matter how small. They should tell the boss or supervisor about it right away.

It�s not a game. Young workers must protect themselves.

Make sure your children understand their rights and their duties and that they need to work safely at all times.

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