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In July of 2000, Doug, my eldest son who had just turned 20, was killed in a workplace accident. I would like a chance to tell Doug's story so hopefully other young people will realize that they can't always go along with what their boss tells them, even if they're new, even if they think they might get fired. I also want companies to hear Doug's story, so they understand they have to train their employees, especially the young ones, and they have to provide safety equipment.

Doug died while he was in a machine, cleaning out hardened cement. Another machine, which shared a power supply with Doug's, was started up. This caused my son's machine to start up as well, and its blades started to spin. The blades basically squashed Doug's insides, killing him. His lungs collapsed, his liver was shattered, his portal vein was torn (the portal vein is found near the lower intestines), and his ribs were broken. My son died because his company didn't provide him with locks to perform a machine lockout. It was an easily preventable accident.

I lost my eldest child who had so many dreams ahead of him. I have to try to get this message out, I am still devastated by this and so heartbroken.


Terri O'Grady
(Douglas Loyer's mother)

Thank You.

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