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7 Things You'd Better Know
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Don't gamble with your health and safety...
It's not a game. You need to protect yourself.

Don't gamble with your life! No job is worth it.


Your employer and your supervisor have a duty to protect your health and safety. Most work hard to do just that.

But, in the end, you have a duty to protect yourself.

Starting a new job? Just got transferred to a new position? Get answers from your supervisor!

  1. What company health and safety rules should I know about to do my job safely?
  2. What are the hazards I should know about? How does the company control these hazards? What should I do to control them?
  3. What safety training will I get? Do I need WHMIS training? When will I get it?
  4. Is there part of the job that needs special training (like operating a forklift)?
  5. What safety gear will I need to use or wear? What training will I get on how to use and take care of it?
  6. Where are the fire extinguishers and emergency equipment? What training will I get in emergency procedures? When?
  7. Where are the emergency exits? Where is the first aid station? Who is the trained first aid person in my work area?
  8. Is there a Joint Health and Safety Committee or Representative? Who and where is that person?
  9. Are there regular health and safety meetings?

Got questions or a concern but don't know who to talk to?

  • Your supervisor (boss) is the first person you should see. By law, your employer is responsible for your workplace health and safety, including making sure you know about the hazards in your job.
  • Talk to the worker member on the company's Joint Health and Safety Committee (or the Health and Safety Representative in a small workplace).
  • If your company has a health and safety department (many large companies do), see one of their health and safety professionals. It's part of their job to answer questions and give advice.
  • If there's a union, there will be a health and safety unit or representative to advise workers and monitor health and safety concerns.

If none of this works, you still have options!

  • If you are a student working in co-op placement, talk to your co-op teacher.
  • Contact the appropriate Health and Safety Association.
  • You can call the Ministry of Labour. You don't have to give your name.

7 Things You'd Better Know
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