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7 Things You'd Better Know
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You must report...
If you are injured or become sick at the workplace, you must report it to your supervisor.

Injuries and illnesses are preventable. And a workplace that takes its health and safety duties seriously can reduce exposure to hazards leading to injuries or illnesses.

But what happens if there is an injury at work?

What happens if something in your job makes you sick?

You must report it to your supervisor!

Why don't young workers report injuries?

  • Your employer may be a family friend and you're afraid they may be insulted if you report on injury.
  • You might be afraid the boss will think you can't do the job properly if you report the injury.
  • You might think the injury is not very serious.
  • You might be afraid your co-workers will think less of you.

Why should you report any injury or illness

  • To make sure you get the correct medical treatment right away.
  • To make sure you receive the appropriate compensation for your injury or illness without delay.
  • So the cause of the injury or illness can be investigated and corrected to prevent it happening to someone else or causing a more serious injury.

Ontario's Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA)

The WSIA is another important law for occupational health and safety. It was created to promote safe and healthy workplaces, help workers who have been injured or made ill from their work return to their jobs quickly and safely, and to provide compensation benefits while they are off work.

The WSIA is administered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

In all but the most minor cases, you and your employer have a responsiblity to report a work-related injury or illness to the WSIB promptly and to file a claim correctly.

In all cases of injury or illness at the workplace.

  • Get first aid treatment right away.
  • Tell your boss about any injury as soon as possible, no matter how small.
  • Tell your boss about any illness or condition (like skin rash, for instance) that you believe happened because of work.
  • If you lose wages or require health care treatment because of the injury or illness, you and your boss must file a claim (it's called a Form 7) with the WSIB. If you are less than 16 years old, a parent or guardian will have to sign part of the form.
  • You can choose your own doctor, but you cannot change doctors without the WSIB's approval.
  • Your doctor will send a report on your injury or illness (it's called a Form 8) to the WSIB.
  • The WSIB will contact you once your claim has been filed. You have to follow any instructions from the WSIB, fill out any forms promptly, and cooperate in your health care treatment and safe return to work.
  • If your claim is denied, you have the right to appeal.

7 Things You'd Better Know
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